A Walk in the Großen Torfmoor


A wonderful spot right on the Wiehengebirge. Although one could also think that they were vacationing somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

The first rays of sunlight showed up and at last, it was time to go to outside and enjoy nature. Not far from my hometown is one of the best places to escape from the hustle and bustle of city living and really spend time relaxing.

The Hiller Torfmoor was used in the past, as the name suggests, for extraction of the peat for burning. I think this is no longer necessary because of our advanced technology. Today, what one finds there are several hiking trails that lead up to a length of 8 kilometers through the mud. One can be heavily impacted by the various starting points and trails and the length of the walk, but the 8 kilometer roundtrip is worthwhile in all cases.

WOW! There’s even an entry on Wikipedia. (German) about it. English stub So take a look if you would like to learn more.

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translated by duckduckninja

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    Middle of nowhere indeed! Where's civilization?

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