My Former Workplace and Workmates

About my former workplace and what made it interesting and enjoyable. A nice little architecture firm based in Pune

A few years back, I worked in a small architecture firm before starting out on my own. The office was one half of my boss’s bungalow. It was a nice little post modernist building with a huge Alsatian sitting by the front porch. Everything about this building was different.

Right down to the design of the window grills.

The office had a skylight which would heat up the place a little too much in the summer months.

But it also got the delicious warm winter sunlight in.

The work desk directly beneath the skylight was a common one for making models and sketching, checking drawings. Or just discussions of any kind…

even office gossip.

The entrance had 3 nice metal frame and canvas chairs. One of which would be occupied by our office man Friday for his afternoon siesta where he would precariously balance the chair on only two of its legs while he napped.

The stairway was where the skylight unfolded its drama at.

The shadow play from the sleek railing and the profile of the steps was magical and alive as it changed throughout the day, through all the seasons.

It was the kind of office that college trainees and fresh graduates would want to join. Work was fun and creative pursuits were encouraged.

We collected a lot of junk in office to keep us entertained, yet a lot of free time would be spent gossiping and playing pranks on each other.

Yet, the extra hours we put in working towards deadlines didn’t seem much being in the company of people so vibrant and happy.

Alas! Nothing, as they say- lasts forever. I quit and started out independently, but this place and these people are forever etched in the collage of memories in my mind.

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