Diana+: I'm Bringing Instant Back Up!

Diana is bring instant back, and other cameras dont know how to act.. The instant back brings to the Diana the amazingness that is polaroid film. what bet better way to celebrate instant photography, then immortalizing each moment with Diana.

Diana brought me to photography; she swooped me up and brought me to a style of living that i can hardly believe i lived any other way beforehand. She brought to me the beauty of 120 films, the interesting 35mm film with sprockets, and she promised me the most exciting ability- instant.

With the instant back attached to the beautiful camera, Diana offers you everything she gave you with other film formats but now with instant gratification. For everything great that the instant back gives you, there are a few down falls and a bit of a learning curve to look out for.

Let’s talk about the plus sides first…
First of all, it’s instant . duh! what more could you ask for? Since its on your Diana, all the lenses that diana has work wonderfully with it, as well as the different types of flash. the ring flash mount isn’t compromised by the bulkiness of the instant back, it slips on just like normal! The fish eye lens makes amazing shots with instant. Long exposures or night tie/pinholes can work on the film as well. The instant back takes Fuji Instax mini film, which is a handy credit card size, meaning you can slip it into your wallet for safe keeping and carry it everywhere with you to show people.

only one kind of film, so you really don’t get all the super cool effects like other films do, but there are always ways around this with filters on the flash or over the lens.
The film’s iso is a whoppiing 800, but with the correction lens in place, it knocks it down to 400. Now you would think that in some cases, its a good thing…you sure to get good night shots with a flash…however its extremely easy to over expose the film if not to careful. I would say to almost always keep your aperture on sunny. Double exposures are possible, but again, you risk over exposing unless you carefully plan your shot.
The instant film is rather expensive. Each pack comes with ten shots. At my local lomography hub, I can find 2 packs of around 30 bucks, but it can be found around 20 on the lomography shop which is roughly a dollar a shot, so you have to be very careful with each shot, even more so than with normal film.
The instant back takes batteries, also expensive.

All in all, while Diana has a rather expensive hobby accessory, i believe it’s worth it to every now and again get an amazing Polaroid shot. If you have the cash and the guts for it, this will excite you to no end.

written by jwhoa19 on 2011-05-16 #gear #review #accessories #polaroids #diana #instant-back #user-review

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