Dutch Record Stores - #2 Waxwell Records, Amsterdam


The second shop I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series, is Waxwell Records. Waxwell Records is co-owned by Taco and located at the Gasthuismolensteeg. Because of their Hip Hop attitude, almost every genre of music is present in the shop. This draws both well known artists and tourists and parents. By means of attracting more customers, Waxwell Records is also present on different social media.

After last weeks visit to Record Palace, this time we take a quick peek inside Waxwell Records. Waxwell Records is located at the Gasthuismolensteeg, near Dam Square.


Waxwell Records is co-owned by Taco. He started out seven years ago as Kids Love Wax, two years later they changed the name to Waxwell Records. Before all this, the shop housed a shoe store. Underneath you see Taco smoking a cigarette and operating their computer database.


Since Taco also deejays, Waxwell Records carries a wide selection of jazz, soul, funk, rock, rap and disco records. The store is thus firmly rooted in Hip Hop culture, as the painting of Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, and the load of James Brown records, also show.


Taking into account the store’s origins, it’s no surprise that well known artists such as Questlove, Kon & Amir, Madlib and J.Rocc stop by when visiting Amsterdam. Also, a lot of tourists and parents with children walk in to pick up some Stones or Beatles. As far as my own digging goes, most of my collection I found at Waxwell Records, for example Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson and Ray Bryant’s Up Above the Rock.


The basement of Waxwell Records holds their stock. In order to maintain this, they frequently fly to the States to buy records. Most of these end up in the shop, others are sold on eBay or through the online shop that’s available on their website. Together with their blog and actions on Facebook and Twitter, Taco feels that Waxwell Records is prepared for the future of music use. This of course doesn’t mean abandoning their pair of SL-1200’s…

Stock & turntables

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