Dutch Record Stores - #1 Record Palace, Amsterdam


Record Palace is the first shop I’ve covered for my Lomography record store series. It’s located at the Weteringschans and carries a wide selection of jazz, soul and rock records. Record Palace is owned by Jan. Not only tourists, students and regulars, but also well known artists stop by to visit his shop.

Because of my enthusiasm for vinyl, I’ve decided to cover some of my favourite record stores throughout the Netherlands. Also, this is my first experience with Lomography, the Diana F+ camera in particular.

First stop: Record Palace, situated at the Weteringschans across Paradiso.

Weteringschans & frontside

Record Palace is a nice shop with a large jazz collection in the basement. In here, I’ve found records I still play to this date, most notably Eddie Jefferson’s Body and Soul. If you’re in to vocal jazz, this one is well worth checking out.

Stairs & downstairs

The upstairs section is dedicated to rock, soul and some reggae. On this visit, I stumbled upon a copy of Lee Perry’s Roast Fish Collie Weed & Corn Bread. Although I’m just starting to discover both reggae and dub, the song Soul Fire grabbed me immediately.

Leave your bags

By the way, Record Palace is owned by Jan. He started out in 1988. Till that date, the store housed a dry cleaner’s. He told me that even after a while people still came by to get their clothes dry cleaned. Here you see him trading in some Beatles records.


Jan prides himself for having some well known artists as customers: Paul Weller, the Beastie Boys, The Alchemist, Evidence, and Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek. As shown on the picture, Madlib is also one of them.


Furthermore, Jan notices that students seem to have developed a special interest in record sleeves. Also, Record Store Day has gotten people enthusiastic for vinyl again. Therefore, he doesn’t worry about the whole download debate that’s been going on. He’s confident the store will survive: ‘the website’s just for promotion’.


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  1. willyboy
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    Good to see record stores still going strong...

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    cool I was thinking about doing that here in copenhagen :)

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