Hidden Right in Front of You

Is it possible that a camera isn’t only made to take photos, but somehow it has a secret plan to join us together?

I first heard about the Diana F+ from http://www.modcloth.com. Several months later I learned that I was taking a trip to India. I realized that this would be my perfect excuse to buy the Diana F+. I spent hours of research on it and finally purchased it. Unfortunately, I had no time to go through a roll of film before going to India. I used up five rolls of film without knowing whether my setting were correct or not. A month later and my film had developed. With anxious anticipation i looked through my photos. I was thoroughly disappointed. the pictures were under exposed and only two of the 50 pictures were vibrant and colorful like i had expected. I had just gone to India and came back without any film pictures to show for it. Sure i had my digital photos I took with my Nikon, but those didn’t compare to the joy in using a film camera.

I decided to give my baby Diana a second chance though on my birthday. Two of my closest friends and I went into Boston. We spent the day taking photos of each other. I wished upon the stars before every picture that it would come out as I wanted. I hoped that they would have the perfect vignette sides and flashy vibrant colors like so many pictures I had seen. When they developed most were over exposed. they seemed to have this sepia over tone to them. It was then that I realized that Lomography wasn’t meant for perfect beautiful photos, but instead it symbolized family and the unexpected. I didn’t need to be in India to have a good memory or some far off place. I had spent an incredible day with my friends taking pictures together. We shared the anticipation of the date the photos would be developed so I could pick them up at Walmart. Because of my Diana F+ I became closer with the people around me. I even became friends with the random guitarist singing on the street because my little Diana was yearning to expose her film to him. I never expected a camera to teach me lessons about family and community.

written by ruthababe12 on 2011-07-04 #lifestyle

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