Lomofest Ukraine - Countdown


It took a lot of sleepless nights, around 40 volunteers, 5 main organizers and a lot of sweat to prepare the LomoFest Ukraine. Only a few more hours to go until the official opening! We already introduce you to the events & installations that are waiting for you:

The International LomoWall
Lomographers from Ukraine and all over the world have submitted a great number of photos in the national colors of Ukraine, yellow and blue. These thousands of photos now form a vivid 24m long LomoWall!

Photo Exhibition
In addition to traditional LomoWall Lomofest`s guests and visitors will be able to admire single lomographs. 10 pictures were selected by an international team: Sergey Galushka, Ukraine; Maksim Baryshnikov, Russia; Christine Zona, USA; Sabine Brunnmair, Austria and the 10 best works exhibited.
Also you’ll be able to see here the most interesting, impressive, unique and technically crazy participants` works – Christine Zona`s, Maksim Baryshnikov`s, Francesca Tallone`s ones.

Geometric Installations
Lomography not only breaks the usual conception of photography, wipes off the borders between countries, nationalities and statuses, – it also can break the space. These installations are sort of “growing” from the floor dimentional, “irregular” – as everything in lomography is – lomo-figures, covered all over with photographs.

LOve&MOtion Installation
Lomography is, first of all, LOve&MOtion. Love certainly impels motion like faith impels action. That is what – love through motion – this installation is dedicated to. “Flying in the clouds” of dreams mannequins embody lomographers people who see & think this world through images and pictures. That’s where this unusual solution – the camera instead of the head – comes from.

Lomography unites thousands of pictures in a LomoWall, but it also unites people. And without those guys who look at the world through plastic camera`s lens and capture all these great moments, the festival wouldn’t have been colored with these various lomographic shades.
The FameWall shows all names, surnames and countries of everyone being involved!

Stop motion
First of all the set of pictures is created and then the video is being made of it. Video-art, presented at LOMOFEST, is also remarkable because of all the pictures were filmed first, then the film was scanned, and only after that the video was made.
At the festival you will be able to get into the video-art by Leatherheart Marco (Germany), Oleg Mastakov (Ukraine) and Christine Zona (USA), VAU-Fest (The International Video Art & Short Film Festival).

Lomography Spiderweb
With the help of photo-clips its possible to fix the lomographies in all ways which only can be imagined (or wished). Equipped with a pair of thousands of pictures and mentioned clips’ organizers will entice you to the real Lomography spider’s web!

Diana Camera Installation
One of the main attraction of the Lomofest is the 3m high and 5m long Diana camera. You cannot only see it from the outside, you can actual enter it! You’ll find the lomowall inside the camera, and what is more fascinating – a movable lens, in which, as in kaleidoscope, bright patterns are being made of the plenty of pictures pieces.

Lomography Information Desk
Throughout the Lomofest there is an information desk answering all questions about Lomography and the festivals’ program. Get registered for “24 Photoquest” or send non-developed films to other countries for acquaintance with new film-friend and common doubles making. Also it will be possible here to give a film for developing and order picture printing.

Development Room
If you were not in time to get secrets of manual film development the day before, then the whole Sunday long you are still able to recall those times when your Dad had locked himself in the bathroom with development trays filled with chemicals and manually (how else!) was developing prints and then left them to dry on the laundry rope.
There is something romantic in such a manual film development… and you can try it by yourself!
Bring your non-developed film with you – and we`ll do chemistry! The best contemporary masters will show and teach you this skill.

Lomography Store
It doesn`t matter if you have lomo-camera or not, anyway it will be surely interesting for you to visit the small pop-up store with everything the lomographic heart is desiring. Here you’ll be able to see, hold in your hands and buy Lomography cameras and accessories!

At the Lomofest there is an area equipped with a mini photo studio with professional equipment and photographer will be working. Any interested person will be able to try himself as a model. The price is a smile!

Master-classes & Workshops
During the daytime you`ll be able to greatly plunge into the world of Lomography – technically, theoretically and practically. Ask questions, look, learn, adopt the experience and experiment by yourself. Also, in the evening, the showroom will be opened here for all those who would like to watch movies about lomography in cozy atmosphere.

Check out details of the program here

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    Wow, that looks amazing, congrats! When will we know if our picture(s) made it to the wall?

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    Awesome! Congratulations to the team!

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    it's a pity not being there

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    This is great. When will the winners of the Yellow and Blue rumble be announced?

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