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La Sardina creates ultra dreamy pictures with its plastic wide angle lens – And with 4 different designs to get your hands on, you can decorate your room like a fashionable cafe!

La Sardina is a very simple camera. You only need to select from two settings when you shoot, like other Lomography Cameras. You can choose from 2 shutter speed of “N” (1/60) or “B” (bulb) and 2 focusing steps of “0.6m~1m” or “1m~infinity”. And you can enjoy the mx (multiple exposure) function too.

But that’s not all. This camera can lock the shutter too – You just twist and pull the shutter, so it`s very easy to carry around. I put the La Sardina in my bag and the shutter lock ensured I didn’t get any blank shots. This is good for my style because I like to take my camera everywhere. I always put my camera in my bag but sometimes some cameras that don’t have a shutter lock take photos inside my bag!

Also this camera has a really nice wide-angle lens. This Wide angle lens captures amazing “WIDE ANGLE IMAGES”, even when you’re close to your subject subject. I’m sure you already know some other wide-angle Lomography cameras like the Horizon and Sprocket Rocket. For example, Horizon can capture a 120° angle of view and the Sprocket Rocket captures 106°. Then, how about La Sardina? It is 89°. So the Horizon and Sprocket Rocket capture more but they also use more film per frame. La Sardina uses the normal length of film per frame, so you can use films as efficiently as possible. You can also develop the 35mm film La Sardina takes nice and cheaply.

So what are you waiting for? Try this camera out and enjoy!

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  1. migkenziephotos
    migkenziephotos ·

    Even without the shutter lock all that's needed is a flick of the MX switch.

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