Walking Around Manchester


Manchester is known for hosting one of the largest industrial areas in the world, for its love of football with two teams in the Premiership and the importance of the New Wave music scene in the 80s.

If you plan to visit this city you must go to:

1.The Wheel, located between two of the most iconic buildings of the city, the Printworks and Urbis Building, we all know that the wheels always adorn the double exposures.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

2.Northern or Bohemian Quarter. The main street of this area is Oldham Street, a place full of charming shops: clothing stores, vinyl record shops, and alternative bars.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

3.In Salford Quays area there is the Imperial War Museum and the Lowry Building that is dedicated to art in all its versions: painting, sculpture, music.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

4.Manchester Center and Chinatown, the most authentic place where you can admire the beauty of the architecture of the most industrial city of United Kingdom.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

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  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    great pictures of my home town :)

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    This makes me feel pretty mad for it

  3. hahajaney
    hahajaney ·

    I'll be there this weekend! Some good memories of living in Manchester :)

  4. chrius57
    chrius57 ·

    great pictures!

  5. chrius57
    chrius57 ·

    great pictures!

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    If you want to read more about Manchester, I just published an article:…

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