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From tips, photo collections, to reminders for prizes yet to be delivered, last week’s most popular blog entries are sure to keep you entertained!

Credits: stitch

icuresick is on a roll! Aside from bagging this week’s most popular user blog entry, he’s also the proud owner of the most popular LomoWall from last week! Congrats man! We’d like to extend our congratulations to the other bloggers as well. Great job guys!

Imitating Stitch by icuresick,
Surrealism for Your Home! by daforl,
Oh what a week by mephisto19,
Prometo que.... by drame,
Sprocket Love 2 by webo29,
Doubles technique of icuresick by stitch,
3º Comunicado Oficial del Frente Popular de Liberación de Carretes by polinices,
Reminder: Waiting For Prizes by panelomo,
ギャラリーストアブログ: ピンホールワークショップレビュー- by lomography_japan,

written by cruzron on 2011-05-10 #lifestyle #week #popular #user-blog

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