One Photo, One Verse

Choose your favorite photos, and write a poem about them. One photo, one verse.

I hope this is forgivable. I was never good in poetry, but I took shoot anyway. Good thing you cannot sue me. So here’s what I did. I downloaded some of my favorite doubles from my lomohome, and saved them in a folder. Then, I arranged them by name, and renamed them with a verse. The end-product is this poem (which probably sucks). One photo, one verse.

My demon has followed me from you wraithlike past,
Though I have offered flowers to your corner in the sky.
You, who stand like a giant amongst mortals.
I want to erase you form my living memory,
And run through the streets not once but twice,
Even if you make a mess of my feet,
Or blind me with your terrible light.
Raze me like a building,
And I will be half man and half super.
Capsize this place and own your symmetry,
Or grow a bush upon my head,
I will draw the line for you.
I will cause havoc in your heart,
And buffet your black, round chariots.
I will then reflect,
Over the ship’s bow.

I know you can do better, so try it out.

written by renenob on 2011-06-27 #lifestyle #photos #expression #poetry #lomography #creative-writing

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