Golden Rule #6: Don't Think


When it comes to photography, we start planning pictures trying to shoot the perfect picture, assembling all elements of it trying to create a breath-taking composition. But where’s the fun in planning? It’s lomography that shall open your eyes with experiments and simply not thinking about what you exactly shoot. Explore the element of surprise!

I’ve always loved to take pictures when I’m going out. Capturing parties on pictures is one of my greatest passions. And over the years I discovered the best pictures are the ones I simply took – without thinking.

I like to shoot a whole film roll in one night, not caring about how many I shoot, what I shoot or anything. I just take photos until the whole roll is exposed. But as you all know, some parties tend to get pretty wild and one might fear going home with a broken camera.

Buy single-use-cameras! I found some at my local drug store and they’re not that much more expensive. You cannot do any double exposures, apply filters etc., anyway they’re no plastic fantastics. Nevertheless the great advantage of those cams is, you can treat them as bad as possible. The ones sold here are simply not destroyable. Throwing them five times on the floor won’t damage them, whereas your beloved Holga, Diana or Lomo LC-A might be dead forever.

Not looking what you shoot, will show you great surprises and results you’ve never expected. What you get will be people, you don’t recognize, poses you’ve never seen from your friends, horrible dance moves…etc.

So go ahead, Lomo-lovers. Take your camera with you and take as much pictures as you can. You won’t regret it!!

written by wolkers on 2011-06-24 #party #lifestyle #fun #golden #photography #flash #lomography #rule #nights #single-use-cameras


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