The Lister Reservoir


The perfect location for a perfect day in the sun.

The artificial Lister Reservoir is located in the south of the German region, Sauerland, between the cities of Attendorn, Droishagen and Meinerzhagen. Built in 1912, the artificial lake dams up, and therefore controls, the river Lister. The reservoir is mainly used as a recreational lake, frequented for swimming, fishing, and diving as well as windsurfing and sailing.

You can find campgrounds all around the lake, inviting you to spend a relaxing vacation. Automotive traffic is mostly barred from the pathways around the lake, leaving undisturbed space for great “inlining”, biking or leisure hikes. There’s also a beautiful miniature golf course right by the water.

A concession stand offers great “Frikadellen” (large German meatball) and German Hot Dogs. Of course you can also find ice cream and loads of candy there as well.

If you prefer a more comfortable setting, you should go to the “Kalberschnacke”. Sitting in the beer garden of this popular restaurant you can enjoy great, traditional German food, fantastic cakes, and a beautiful view across the lake.

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