Capture the Action with the Lomography ActionSampler


Reviewing the Lomography ActionSampler, my first ever Lomography camera!

I have always been a fan of Lomography. In fact, I have this huge mental list of Lomography cameras that I want, in order of priority.
Finally on my 19th birthday I decided to buy myself my first Lomography camera (it would be my second analogue camera).
It came in the post a few weeks later & I was absolutely ecstatic. I got down to using it at once. Loaded it with some Kodak 400 (after reading up that it was the best film to use).

What I love about the ActionSampler is it’s ability to capture action & moving stuff. I have always loved photography but I wish it could freeze more than just a moment. And now I can with the ActionSampler.
I am always thinking up new ‘movements’ to capture on this nifty little camera. Children playing on a swing. Traffic moving. Waves hitting the sand on a beach. A ferris wheel in motion.

At first I found this very different as compared to any other camera i have ever used. It doesn’t really have a viewfinder per se, just a pop up frame that you can use as one. And I expected four subsequent ‘clicking’ noises’ but instead you get a whirring noise. I also admit I was a bit shy to use it at first, but five minutes with it & the shyness melted away… I wanted to flaunt it!

I have the clear version so it’s a great conversation starter, it’s so colorful that many people stared at it & one even stopped & asked me about it. I was happy to explain!

I know I have just shot one roll with the ActionSampler but I love it already! :)
Definitely looking to buy more lomography cameras in the coming months.

written by magali on 2011-05-14 #gear #review #india #actionsampler #bombay #mumbai


  1. tattso
    tattso ·

    I would love to see more actionsampler photos in a country full of actions ;)

  2. magali
    magali ·

    @tattso Thank You! :) I hope to keep them coming!

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