Mephisto19's Birthday Project: Results


Finally the results of my Birthday Project

In January 2011 I had my 30th birthday. So I wrote a blog asking feloow Lomographers to send me a film to double. The idea was to shoot 30 films on that day. That worked not out. Postal service took longer than expected.
So I shot less films directly on that day and collected the others, to shoot them more than two months later. It took me so long as I wanted to be in the birthday mood again. And I wanted similar conditions.
My birthday was in January and the weather was bad all the time, except that one day. We had bright sunshine here in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where I spent my 30th birthday. As my mother visited me, we made a tour through the city and up Domtoren, the dome tower and we have been to a chamber choir concert my boyfriend helped organizing of

But finally it is all bout the results and here they are

Natalie sent me a nice EliteChrome to shoot my “happy birthday face”, so I took self portraits, some with a plastic close up lens

Michelle send me a Provia 400 slide film without any information. I thought she might have used her Diana so I doubles with my Holga.
Her layer is much more dominant and my photos are hardly visible.

nicolas_noir shot an old Agfa RSX II 200 with his original Diana and asked me to double with an Agfa Clack. In this case my layer is way too dominant.

Happy Feet in a new way: spoeker sent me a Kodak film she shot with her feet and a “happy birthday” sign

atria007 took me to a tattoo studio and I took her around the city

An AgfaVista 200 arrived from trash-gordon asking me to shoot architecture and people. A pity only two photos were doubles…

How often can you find the number 30? El capitano bccbarbosa was on that mission and sent me an Agfa Optima 100 to double, what I did with some city shots.

Bruno and I did some random doubles with Fuji Provia.

Julian asked me to shoot light paintings over his portrait layer. So I loaded my Ricoh 500G with the LomoChrome 100 he sent to me and went out to shoot…

Jay I fucked it up and I am very sorry. My plan was to shoot my second layer redscaled, so one normal layer from you with your Diana and one redscaled layer from me with my Agfa Clack. That did not work out. Sorry!!!! We will do another round….!

From "mafiosa" I received a Diana Mini light painting film, a Lomoslide 200 that I shot randomly.

Esther asked for a Diana F+ 35mm Back double with Fuji Sensia 100 that turned out unexpected green instead of red. But nice results with sprockets.

nural had a Fuji Sensia 100 for me that I shot in the second round with pictures of Utrecht – and the results are stunning as we both shot architecture and it is melting into another.

jb is spinning me round wirh Redscale XR

panelomos film was not the only film I ruined. Sorry, too, to Jo I rewinded the film and loaded my Diana to shoot my favorite places of Utrecht till I could not advance anymore. The film got loose and was unwinding in the camera and not on the spool. Too bad.
Also sorry to the ones that are still missing their results: Stephane and Diego My LC-A broke and I need a new one to shoot your films. So it will still take some time. Also sorry to my LB Satomi as I still have not finished it… basho I could not get the film out either, but I try it every now and then and one day it will work and I can finally shoot my layer.

But thanks to everybody who joined the project and thanks again for all the congratulations and surprises you sent me with the films to double. Being 30 does not feel different or old in any way. It just feels good. A happy LomoYear!


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  1. mochilis
    mochilis ·

    Wow, I see so many friends there, congrats everyone as, better or worse, they're all amazing photos... and a very especial birthday present! Anyway, I must say that your doubles with @nural are my favorites!

  2. brommi
    brommi ·

    great project and thanks that I was allowed to join! :) I really do like your doubles with nural!!

  3. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great project Stephan!! But you lnow, you can shoot my roll with another camera that LCA... :))

  4. natalieerachel
    natalieerachel ·

    Happy super belated birthday haha :D

  5. jonalon
    jonalon ·

    happy belated birthday lomo-demigod!

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Woohoohoo ! Super !

  7. atria007
    atria007 ·

    great project Stephan the next year more hehehehe ^_^

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