Tsukiji Fish Market: Where the Wild Fishies Are

In honor of our newest 35mm analogue adventurer, the ever-colorful La Sardina cameras, let us dive deep into the world’s largest fish market: the Tsukiji Fish Market!

Long ago, the first fish markets were found in Ancient Greece. Aside from selling fresh fish, the fish market was a public place where local people met up to talk about local events and news. Fish markets were mainly located in seaside villages since those were the places where the fresh fish came on land.

Dutch Fish Market, painted by Joachim Beuckelaer via wikipedia.org

One of the world’s most famous fish markets is the Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (more commonly known as the Tsukiji Market) in Tokyo, Japan – Here, you’ll find all sorts of fresh fish — from small fish and seafood to giant tuna and seaweed known as top-quality caviar. It is not suprising that the Tsukiji Market is a major attraction for tourists in the heart of Japan.

Tuna Auction is one of the major operations at the Tsukiji Fish Market. The auction starts at around 5 in the morning and goes on for about two hours. You can only join if you have a specific license, like if you’re an owner of a restaurant or other food-related companies.

Fortunately, some of our community members (minicooper, mr_sid, hihoboy, and legacy) were able to capture the Tsukiji Fish Market in film photographs. Take a look at these fishtastic snapshots!

Credits: mr_sid
Credits: minicooper
Credits: hihoboy
Credits: legacy

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