Crazy Queensday in the Netherlands


Some people call it “the biggest party in the world”, some people think it’s the superlative degree of insanity. One thing is for sure – on Queensday the Dutch go crazy. Find out more about this Orange madness and see who won the Obvious Orange Rumble!

Before we head down to the winner annoucement, a small introduction to Koninginnedag (Queensday) might be useful. April 30th is the only day during the year when the entire Dutch society swap their regular activities for Orange celebrations. Shops are closed, nobody is working (except for the bartenders and DJ’s of course) and everyone – from children to grannies – is celebrating the Queen’s birthday. Which ironically isn’t the birthday of the current Dutch Royal, but her mom’s – Wilhelmina.

Koninginnedag = orange, the one and only Dutch color. Nobody cares about how silly it may look, everyone just participates and goes mental, like a bunch of hardcore chauvinists. Whether it’s an orange wig you wear or a wicked inflatable crown – orange it is. And when the sun is shining, all this orange is perfect for capturing some nice orange portrait pictures.

As said, the entire country is out of order for 24h and enjoys this national holiday. The day mainly starts with flea markets on the street and in city parks. Children selling their toys and adults trying to get rid of their non-used crafts/crap. For flea-market-addicts – this is heaven. Sometimes you’ll find great old camera’s or bags full of expired films. The only thing you need is luck.

Besides selling stuff, this flea market is also well used by children to make some real money with funny silly games and performances. Like ‘koekhappen’, throwing eggs and playing drums in the park. Especially in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam it’s one big kids-performance-theater. Very nice entertainment in the morning!

Later on, the city streets of Amsterdam fill up with party people and DJ’s spinning the wheels on every corner of the streets. A fact not forget to mention, party boats cause traffic jams on the canals in Amsterdam – especially Prinsengracht. Party on!

In the beginning of April we launched a Dutch newsletter fully related to Queensday, and included a special photo contest – the Obvious Orange Rumble. We’ve let you guys capture this orange madness and share it all in our magazine with the tag ‘queensday’. The most ‘liked’ photo would win 20 Piggies! Wanna know who this lucky orange winner is?


Sjaak & Nout brought several camera’s while partying in downtown Amsterdam, and shot this amazing Spinner picture on the corner of Prinsengracht & Prinsenstraat. Well done and congratulations!

For all Queensday newbees, make sure you visit the Netherlands for Queensday once, and don’t forget your camera. Wanna get a good impression of this orange madness? Have a look at this Queensday Gallery:

written by mrmaart on 2011-05-11 #news

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