Diana 20mm Fisheye Lens Review

One thing that makes the Diana F+ stands out from the other lomography cameras is the option to change its lens. With an array of lens to choose from, the options are endless. However, if I have to choose only one lens for the Diana F+, the fisheye lens would be the one that comes to mind.

The standard lens that comes with the Diana F+ has a focal length of 75mm. This is good if you are taking portrait shots. For a more versatile lens, I strongly recommend the fisheye lens. Once you get hold of this lens, your whole perspective will change. The fisheye lens package comes with its own viewfinder to be attached to the top of the camera. With the round viewfinder in place, you get a preview of what’s to come.

With a 20mm focal length, the fisheye lens is really super ultra wide. Imagine a 180 degree field of view, you can capture everything within your sight. To get the full circular fisheye effect, you have to shoot using 120mm film. On 35mm film, the top and bottom will be cropped.

For me, I always use the fisheye lens with the 35mm back combine with the panoramic with sprocket holes frame. With this combination, the results are almost “sprocket rocket” look alike.

In addition, the fisheye lens is also great for close up shot. Go right up to your subject and shoot, the results will be sharp and beautiful.

written by lomopop on 2011-05-10 #gear #review #user-review #diana-camera-fisheye-lens-20mm-focal-length-circular-shot-panoramic-sprocket-wide

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