London's Old Tube Stations

There’s something really interesting about old tube stations and there are several hidden across London. The best are the few that have been left exactly as they were, as if the gates closed shut only yesterday.

Aldwych Station, originally called the Strand, opened over 100 years ago in 1907. It never carried many passengers, mainly because the area is well served by other stations, and for the majority of its time as a working station, it only ran a single track shuttle service. During World War II, it was closed for six years and was used as an air raid shelter instead and the tunnels were used to safely store art and treasures from the British Museum. The station closed for good in 1994 because too few passengers used it to justify the costs.

Now Aldwych Station is closed to the public but has been opened for the occasional exhibitions. However, it is often used as a location for films and old tube trains are kept on the line for filming. Films that have used the station include: Creep, V for Vendetta, Atonement, and 28 Weeks Later. The underground tunnels were also the location for the music video for Prodigy’s Firestarter.

Although you can’t get into the station anymore, it is still interesting to go see. Tube stations aren’t constructed like they used to be and the two entrances to this station, Aldwych and the Strand, are beautifully decorated in brown Victorian tiles with the station and line name at the top of the building.

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