Lucky SHD100 Black & White 35mm film


Fundamentally speaking, black and white film yields black and white photos. But if you like your black and white photos to have a pretty fine grain and gentle, muted tones, you might want to give the Lucky SHD100 film a shot!

I bought myself a roll of Lucky SHD100 film in early 2010, but I didn’t get down to shooting with it until February 2011 simply because I was saving it for a suitable subject. Finally, when the Lunar New Year rolled around, I loaded it into my Blackbird, fly and brought it along with me to my dad’s hometown of Batu Pahat in Johor, Malaysia.

As the film ISO is only 100, I tried to shoot outdoors while the sun was still shining, but I also took a gamble and snapped some shots indoors too. I should have used a flash indoors, but my flash and hotshoe weren’t cooperating so I had to leave it out.

Here are some shots that I took in minimal or no shade. My aperture was set to the sunny setting (f/11 on the BBF).

I find that the grain is pretty fine – it is ISO100 after all, but you can still notice it in more shaded areas (like the top of picture #7). The gradient between the dark and light shades is also rather gentle even with proper sunlight. The only way I could get shots with “high contrast” was to shoot indoors without a flash, but here’s what I ended up with:

Even with the aperture on the cloudy setting (f/7), I could only just capture the areas that were hit by direct sunlight. That’s a really old stove in picture #3, in case you were wondering. The next time I’m back there, I might just load another roll into my Diana Mini so that I can shoot a couple more shots indoors with a working flash.

All in all, I like this film for its gentleness. It definitely brought out the nostalgia of the olden days that I wanted to capture, and I’m glad I saved my roll for the right occasion. (:

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  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    Thanks for the info, I've bought this film a month ago and it's waiting a good chance to be shot

  2. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    A bold try.

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