I Want to Live Close to You


Swedish photographer Jacob Felländer wanted to shoot the whole world on one negative. For this, he used a Holga!

Jacob Felländer

(the text is copied from the press of his exhibition that is shown at Fotografiska Museet in Stockholm, Sweden, 6 May – 14 June 2011)

I made a journey around the world, visiting its most densely populated cities. An analog experiment with the intent to capture the entire world in one image. The whole world on a single, multi-exposed negative.

As places and people merged before me, I grew increasingly fascinated at how close together we all live. For the first time in the history of mankind, more of us live in cities than in the country, and we have spent fortunes building the most amazingly infra-structured conurbations.

These creations continue to fascinate me. Our habitat in these places may seem grotesque but we actually get along surprisingly well in our cities. We may think that we are different, we may think we like or dislike each other. But still, we choose to live extremely close to one another: next to, underneath, on top of.

Close. Close together.

Jacob Felländer

Starting out from Stockholm, Jacob Felländer has conducted a photographic experiment. Over twelve days, he visited in turn New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Bombay, Dubai and Paris with the intent of capturing the world in one single negative. Through a special technique with a modified analogue camera he was able to wind forward and expose the film one centimetre at the time. The result is a panorama of cities flowing into each other in chronological order, with details sticking out of the visual noise with a piercing intensity.

-Niclas Östlind, curator and PhD candidate at University of Gothenburg, School of Photography

Jacob Felländer was born in Stockholm in 1974 and studied fine art photography and graphic design at Flagler College, Florida and San Diego State University, California. Jacob has traveled the world with his old analogue cameras since 2003.

All images from Jacob Felländer

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  1. emilios
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    Great concept and pictures.

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    OMG! I want one of those photos for my wall! beautiful idea and extraordinary result!

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    plain AMAZING shoots!!!

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    We are learning a lot with your work, thank you. :)

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    great photos...

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    incredible picsss!!

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    Would really enjoy seeing how you modified your camera. Great work.

  14. trampoline
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    this shit sure does separate the amateur from the professional

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  16. makeyuu
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    i just want to clarify that these are not my pictures, but photographer Jacob Felländer's. I just wanted everyone to see these amazing pictures.

  17. iancheung
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    i wish he sells his pics. so did he just repeat winding 1 cm and do multiple exposure? anyone knows how he altered his camera?

  18. lostintransit
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    amazing concept and pics

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