The Aqualuna


I sincerely apologize for this article. Neither words nor pictures could suffice in showing the beauty of this moment; the moment I fell in love.

The bright lights of Hong Kong’s night time skyline left me in awe. The cold wind of Victoria Harbour kept me huddling to my lover for warmth. These, and a few other surprises made this one of the most memorable nights of my life.

Every night, at 8PM, you can witness the ’World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show’ in Hong Kong where more than 40 different buildings light up to the sound of music. This is called the “Symphony of Lights,” a must see if you are traveling to Hong Kong.

My boyfriend and I came from Victoria Peak. By the time we reached the Harbor, the lights show was already starting. So we just found a spot where there weren’t a lot of people, sat down, and cuddled. Since we came there around December, it was freezing! – the perfect reason to hug your lover tight. :)

We sat and talked there for a couple of minutes, occasionally standing to take some pictures. On the far end of the horizon, riding on the undulating waves of the sea, I saw a little red boat. It was beautiful.

Towards the end of the light show, my boyfriend said something to me. He told me how much he loved me and how special I am. To be honest, I thought this was just gonna be one of those sweet talk moments. Whispering glacé words we both half meant. But he did something that night that I will never forget – something that made me fall in love.

Just as the light show was about to finish, he said something to me. “I want to make this night memorable…” He pointed out to the red boat docking near us, the one that captured my attention earlier, “So we’ll go back to Kowloon on that boat.” I was both excited and dumbfounded! This was the Aqualuna, a traditional three-sail Chinese junk boat that cruises daily around Victoria Harbor. It is a floating restaurant by day, but transforms into a romantic cruise at night. My boyfriend reserved the boat just for the two of us. We got on and got a blanket because it was freezing! We huddled together as we sipped wine and just marveled at the beauty of Hong Kong’s skyline.

Tonight I was sure we can change our Facebook statuses from “it’s complicated” to “in a Relationship.”

I wanted to capture the moment on my Smena. As I was tinkering with the aperture and shutter speeds of my camera, he held my hand and said stop. This was just for the two of us. An intimate moment shared only by the two of us. The sole memory we were going to take with us was a vision of the red boat – and the feelings we had that night.

I want you to do something for me. Read the next paragraph. Then close your eyes and imagine…

The waves were calm that night, rocking the deck into a gentle lull. The wood panels of the hull whispered faint creaks as we floated up and down, riding on the smooth sinuous swells of Victoria Bay. Jazz music filled the air as the waiter filled our glasses with more wine. We huddled under one blanket, both for warmth and for intimacy. Looking up, you’d see the Aqualuna’s sails. Like gigantic fin-shaped parasols of red fabric, jutting out of the bay. The skyscrapers seemed miniscule from afar, they seemed like colorful crystals sparkling in a million different colors, cutting across the darkness of the night. Below these crystals, the Victoria Bay waters reflect the lights, their brightness ebbing as they diffuse their magnificent colors into gentle undulating sea.

Now look at the Aqualuna

Did it match what you imagine? I don’t regret not taking pictures that night – but I apologize, as you can see, neither words nor photographs can show the true beauty of the moment. – the moment I fell in love.

Aqualuna picture:

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  1. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    Why, why, why did you have to drag your concerns over Facebook into it? Such a sweet story should not be tainted by concerns about this social behemoth.

  2. paperplanepilot
    paperplanepilot ·

    @willyboy: i just didn't want to say it directly, but upto that point, i wasn't sure if I was ready to take our relationship to the next level. I had baggage from my ex ;b

  3. paperplanepilot
    paperplanepilot ·

    shetandamingmalinggrammar! hahaha

  4. gelibee
    gelibee ·

    I will forever love Hong Kong! :) Such a sweet moment you got there! Spread the Love :)

  5. o2matic
    o2matic ·

    Shet.. kinilig ako habang nagbabasa:). lolz haha Nice pictures man!

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