Treat Your Mom Right - Mother's Day Special Offer

今個星期天就是母親節。行街吃飯送花這些指定動作,可能媽媽都覺得悶啊!有沒有新意啊?送上 Lomography 相機,享用折扣優惠,和媽媽來個親子攝影遊,來得更有新意思!

Mother’s Day is about to come, what surprises you’ve prepared for your lovely, wonderful mom? Why not a Lomo camera, and enjoy discount voucher?

誰說媽媽們不懂 Lomography ?她們成長的年代就是用 analogue 相機 ,燃燒菲林,為青春留下倩影。

Who says Moms don’t know Lomography ? They actually grown up with analogue cameras, analogue is their memories.

你可能早就看中 LOMO LC-A+ ,想擁有它的同時,也可送上 Fisheye No.2 給媽,魚眼看世界,享受歡樂。

You could have a LOMO LC-A+ , while mom can have a Fisheye No.2 to see a whole different world!

又或者來個 Diana F+Diana Mini ,親子裝看似有點誇張,但想必媽媽很窩心哦。

Or maybe the perfect match of the queen Diana F+ plus princess Diana Mini , how gorgeous they are?

別忘了!一家之主的老爸眼見你只跟媽媽切磋 analogue 攝影而感失落。自己一部經典 LOMO LC-A+ ,媽媽就青春粉紅 Fisheye No.2 ,老爸愛太空感特強的 Sprocket Rocket 。帶上 Lomography 相機

Oh, be careful! Daddy may get jealous when you and mom are having great lomographic fun! So, you have classic LOMO LC-A+ , mom got Fisheye No.2 , dad could have Sprocket Rocket as well. Enjoy family fun in lomographic way!

現凡 網上商店 購買任何款式的相機,立即享有 10% off 優惠,只要打上 voucher : YOUARESUPER 即可,優惠只限這個週末。

Enjoy 10% off all camera items by applying voucher : YOUARESUPER
Valid for this weekend only!

Treat Your Mom Right !

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