Marina Bay Sands: More Than Just A Casino


Ask any local, and perhaps the occasional tourist about Marina Bay Sands and chances are, they’ll associate this place with the famous casino establishment. While the casino in MBS is its main attraction, the peripheral landmarks within its vicinity deserve attention too.

Credits: izadrazi

Standing on the Helix Bridge, an iconic architecture in itself, you can see the Singapore Flyer in the distance. Turn around, and you’ll be amazed by another beautiful sight – the Singapore City skyline. In the foreground, you’ll see the floating platform which has been the stage for many monumental events in the country’s history such as the Youth Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, and the yearly National Day celebrations. The Central Business District, with its towering skyscrapers, compliments as an amazing backdrop especially in the evenings.

Credits: izadrazi

Back on the Helix Bridge, don’t forget to point your cameras above your heads and marvel at the unique ‘double-helix’ structure of this world’s first curved pedestrian linkway. Once you’ve reached the MBS side of the bridge, it may be tempting to quickly enter the air-conditioned interior of the Shoppes especially if the weather’s extremely hot that day, which is almost everyday in Singapore. However, I strongly suggest you brave the heat and turn right to explore the outskirts by the river. There, you’ll find the odd bowl-shaped Art Science Museum, palm trees reminiscent of Hollywood Boulevard, and casual tourists soaking up the sun or reading a book under one of the outdoor verandas. Keep your eyes open also for the Olympic Walk landmark. When you’ve walked the whole stretch, reward yourself with an ice cream cone or a cola or both from the ice cream vendor nearby.

Credits: izadrazi

Even if gambling or shopping for insanely expensive goods is not your cup of tea, Marina Bay Sands is still a worthwhile location to visit. If anything, the architecture of the buildings surrounding this area is truly unique and deserve to be documented in Lomography goodness. So the next time you visit Singapore, keep your spare change in your hotel room, bring out your favourite camera and gamble on lomography. I’m sure the payoff is just as valuable.

Written by izadrazi who also blogs as theanalogdork

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  1. muddymire
    muddymire ·

    this is my favorite part of singapore : )

  2. izadrazi
    izadrazi ·

    @muddymire It's beautiful, isn't it? The only complain I have is the hot weather. :P

  3. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I really like Singapore, good mix of people, amazing futuristic architecture, and a name that takes into consideration the technicalities of skincare. What's not to love?

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