Tanjung Sepat, Malaysia: Branches, Bridge and Love


It’s a small town located near Banting, and Morib, which takes about a 1-and-half-hour trip from Petaling Jaya.

We are looking for a location for a couples’ photo shoot as a birthday present to our friend, when I browsed through the beautiful Tanjung Sepat on the internet, and wow, I immediately fell for the dead branches through those pictures that I saw! The place draws in a lot of attention from photographers. I guess, it’s worth the 1-and-half hour travel time.

We reached Banting and got lost somewhere inside a village, where there’s so many little houses around. We were lucky enough to find a mini mart and ask for directions. We then found our way out to the main road again, and then we spotted this beautiful place. And here we are at our first stop.

In love with these shadows!

We were lucky enough to find this dead grass where it’s similar to the one I found at Sekinchan few years back where I shot Lihwa, the pretty girl. I guess it’s gonna be pretty to lay down on this grass under the sunshine!

After we had enough of shooting the dead grass, shadows and all, we continued on our journey towards Tanjung Sepat.

We then finally reached the place that we were looking for. This is what I saw on the internet. It’s the DEAD BRANCHES! There’s many of them together. And it’s so breathtaking. I’m not sure what’s so special about them, but to me, it’s kinda interesting.

Then, it’s lunch time. It’s a must to visit the famous ‘bao’ (chinese bun) shop – Hai Yew Heng. They sell a lot of yummy steamed homemade ‘bao’! Yummmmy. I ate a lot of them as I remember. And I even bought some back home for my family as well.

And the last stop would be the famous Lover’s Bridge.

I still wonder why they named it ’Lover’s Bridge’? Maybe there’s some very interesting stories about this bridge back then? Anyway, It looks kinda cool and we all had fun shooting photographs there.

This photography trip was pretty cool. I enjoyed myself very much, although we are so ‘roasted’ because of shooting under the super hot sunny sunshine. Haha!

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  1. kiwikoh
    kiwikoh ·

    Lovely place, lovely photo.

  2. tmukmkd
    tmukmkd ·

    i like the dead branch area. :D

  3. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    I too fall in love with dead things almost every day.

  4. lolastars
    lolastars ·


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