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A friend of mine generously loaned his Diana F+ and Instant Back to me a while back along with a pack of Fuji Instax Mini’s. Read on after the jump about how it went!

I believe it was in January sometime that @nigelk lent me his Diana for me to hang onto for the weekend. I was so stoked to use it! I’d never tried any sort of instant back before, so I was a little worried that I’d waste film. The Diana along with the Instant Back is an interesting contraption. With the Back attached, the Diana doesn’t sit straight up, but at an odd angle. It’s still quite light though! I got asked a lot of questions about it when I took the pair to school.

The Instant Back uses Fuji Instax Mini film that you can grab from the lomo stores. Through trial and error, I found out that the viewfinder shows something very different than what actually comes out in the photos. So you may end up accidentally cutting off someone’s head….

It can take a while to get used to because of the positioning and the ISO of the film (800)…I didn’t find out about the ISO until after I’d already finished using up all the film.

Anyhow, I was a little disappointed with the way a bunch of the photos came out. They were blurry and some were very unfocused. I checked a number of times that I had the focus right, but for some reason, the photos weren’t quite what I’d seen on other people’s lomohomes.

However, some of the shots came out with the perfect dreamy quality of the Diana F+, just the way I liked. The Instant Back also makes it easy for multiple exposures, for some variation.

I would recommend using the Instant Back at night instead of on bright days. The quality of the pictures come out better with the flash.

I also love the vignetting that the Diana gives which you can’t get from other instant cameras like the Fuji Instax Mini 7s, and other newer instax cameras.

Another great thing about the Instant Back is that you can also throw on the Diana F+ Splitzer and Diana F+ flash with color gels for the whole shabang! But the pictures come out great when you have all of these gadgets to play with:

After I got to the last few shots, I was able to sort of get the hang of the Instant Back. It takes a little while to get used to, but it’s good fun carrying the pair around and showing off the odd looking contraption.

But basically, if you own one of these and you have the time and money to practice, it’s worth it to grab yourself one. It’s nice to be able to see your film right after you take the photo once in a while. And pressing the button to “print” your photo is the best part, I think, hahaha. Go on, get snapping!

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  1. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    You're welcome! :P

  2. natalieerachel
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    Hahaha thank youuuuu :D

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