LomoAmigos FM Belfast:Traces of Soviet Times With the Fed 5 Refurbished

Iceland has many great things to offer: indescribably beautiful nature, weird delicacies, an interesting language as well as a bunch of talented musicians. Among them our latest LomoAmigos – Electro-Indie-Pop band FM Belfast! For the last year, singer Lóa took the Russian classic Fed 5 Refurbished with them on tour. Read on to find out what she thinks of this Soviet gem and browse through the band’s photo gallery.

NAME: FM Belfast
CITY: Reykjavík
COUNTRY: Iceland
WEBSITE: www.fmbelfast.com

Singer Lóa Hlín Hjálmtýsdóttir (what a name!) with the Fed 5

1. Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you guys meet each other?
It’s a bit complicated since we all met in different places but….Árni R and Árni V met at a hospital, Árni R and Örvar met at a mutual workplace, Árni V and Örvar met at school. I met Örvar on a bus, Árni R at a fleamarket and Árni V at Árni R’s place. We have been working together as a band since 2006 but Árni R and I have been making music together since 2005. Both of the Árni’s and Örvar are in another band together but they haven’t performed since 2005.

2. You are from Iceland but your band name reminds me somehow of Ireland. Is there any coherence? Why did you choose FM Belfast as a name?
Like most band names, ours is a random name chosen randomly. I think it popped out while we were sitting in a car a long time ago. It got us to Northern Ireland and then the name had more meaning to us.

3. Describe your style of music.
Electro-Indie-pop. Dance, drama and happiness.

‘Stripes’ from their recent album ’Don’t Want To Sleep’, out on Morr Music

4. It seems like you are touring for ages. Since I’ve seen you for the first time in 2010 on a German festival you’ve never made a real break… What was the best city you’ve visited so far? Where was the best concert?
I think the best city is Istanbul. It is very different than where we come from. But I enjoy playing in Germany. They treat you extremely nicely over there. I don’t know what was the best concert. They all have their ups and downs. Sometimes we have shows that are sold out and go really smoothly but you don’t feel like you are capable of doing your best. Sometimes we have shows with very few people in the audience, everything seems to be going backwards with our songs but for some reason they are very enjoyable and I have more fun than ever.

5. You’ve taken the Fed 5 on tour with you last year. Did you enjoy shooting with this Soviet gem?
Yes I enjoyed it very much. In the beginning I took many photos out of focus because I didn’t have a clue how to operate the camera. Then when I read about it I got the hang of it more and more and it was less stressful. I like the photos. They look warmer and more interesting than most digital photos. At least for an amateur like me.

6. Why have you chosen the camera?
It looked like a camera I remembered from my childhood. I guess it was for nostalgic reasons.


7. Describe the camera in 5 words.
It has it’s own personality. (Specific, grandmother, warm, heavy, rewarding)

8. How did people react when seeing you taking a photograph with it?
I think some people thought that I knew what I was doing since I had chosen it. Teenagers envied me, older people thought it was funny.

9. Was this your first contact with Lomography or did you have earlier experiences?
I had some experience with the plastic ones but I had never owned one myself.

Look! Who’s in there? Some members of Seabear

10. If the photos you have taken had a soundtrack (3 songs) what would it be? It can be one of your own songs or any another song.

  • In the summertime by Mungo Jerry
  • Cold blooded old time by Smog
  • The new happier version of Will Oldham’s song “I see a darkness” by Will Oldham

11. Do you have tips for our community regarding the usage?
Yes, it would be very smart figure out or ask someone to show you how to use the focus and when to use the flash.

12. What are your future plans? Any upcoming shows in the next time?
We are playing two big festivals in Germany, Rock am Ring and Rock im Park, one show at Astra in Berlin, then we will be releasing a single called DeLorean early this summer, then two of us are having a baby and we won’t be doing any shows until late fall/early winter.

Full power on stage!

Find out more about FM Belfast on their website FMBelfast.com, become a fan on facebook or follow them on twitter.

By the way, did you know, that Lóa works as an illustrator? Some of her works will be exhibited at the Caricatura in Kassel from June till September. So if you maybe visit documenta 13, you should plan a little side trip. Some of her works are also on flickr.

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