Fango Crew and FishEye #2 for Drome magazine!

We were looking for an original point of view, someone who could find out an original shelter for the cover of the compentition that Lomography launches with Drome Magazine. We found them, with a Fisheye#2 in their hands, they made us smile and understand that, in the end, even the shelter is a matter of creativity… Some of their answers to our questions just after the break…

You are Fango crew, or better this project is rising, how would you describe your encounter with Lomography community?
I’d say… Thanks for having me in the community!
Fango and everything that concern us happened real soon and by chance, from a cool fun project. It all began on a sunday last march shooting a movie, one of those shorts meant to remain private on a hard disk for a few selected ones but for our great amazement the results were unexpectedly good.

Together you are Fango Crew, but who are you on your own?
We’re people who want to do things, Each one of us brought something and made it avaiable to everyone it didnt mattered if it was the groceries or a couple of records or even a room to rent to make it an office!

“On your facebook page, your bio quotes this words: 7 different backgrounds, 4 goals, 1 city, 2011 the meet up. Help us understand a better meaning to it?”
A collective biography is like some sort of ingredients list.
7 different background because we’re 7 people who came together in a project, each one with it’s own ways, quallities trend & taste. The style and personality of each one are a major resource for all.
4 goals… because we started looking to our stories and events through 4 different medias: 2 reflex and 2 videocameras. We’re very satisfied with the results so far and thats why we keep on going.
1city because, for now, our journey begins in Rome. We met here and we find our sources of inspirations.
The year 2011 highlights the spark of how we came across eachother.

Who would you be if you were a super hero?
We’d definetly be members of the “Justice League of America!” What better reflects Fango as a group is the idea of a collaborative group integraded with each members skills in the best èposibe way. The Justice league got togeher to fight the alien menance, Fango to do what we can along with marking our space.

How do you mix your creative skills with analog photography?
It’s a bit as if it were our getaway, or our deepest seclude side. What amze us is how analoge manages to render each shot more romantic and unpredictable.

Digital or anaogue is a bit like saying heads or tail. what dou think about i? And how impulsive is that mechanism to you?
Heads or tails? It depends on what triggers you while shooting, it doesnt matter the fact that it’s digital or analogue. The impulse is an impulse no matter what or how you’re shooting.

Rome is your hometown or just the “Mamma Lupa”?
Rome embraced us the same way a Mamma Lupa can do.

What were your thoughs when drome magazine and lomography asked you to shoot inspirational moods for this Fisheye#2 contest?
We thought about it very little but acted right away instead. We ran out the street with our fisheye recruiting friends…And it all came from that.

Finding/ thinking about shelters was really that cool? Or just a game?
At the begining it felt like a challenge by the number of situations one can find shelter. Until the ideas remained as such but then when we started shooting it all changed and we started playing with it for real.

What was the idea of shelter you shot that pleased you the most? What did you express with that?
The picture behind a bush without a doubt. It’s sense of protection comes from it’s placement by excellence, but however the paradox is in the bush itself. Out in the open but completely sheltered.

What do you like about Lomography? What did you like the most from the pictures shot with the Fisheye#2?
We liked the principle on which it’s based: the possibility to do almost everything with a tiny camera in hands.
It doesnt matter what kind of tool you have in hands but what your creativity can exploit. Besides its impossible not to fall in love with how your eyes can see the world through a fisheye.

If you could add an 11th rule to the 10 golden rules, which one would add?
11th rule: Don’t underestimate the errors, sometimes they hide something interesting hidden in it.

Click here to take part of the competition “shelter for a catastrophe”: !

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