Mimara, a Skater Oasis


Mimara Museum in the centre of Zagreb, is known to the people of Zagreb as one of the biggest museums in the city and as one of the first skating places in Zagreb. It has a huge playground in the back called “srednjač” where you can go running, play football or basketball or just chill.

For those of you looking for a place to chill or skate or whatever, when you’re in the centre of Zagreb go to Mimara. There are a few small meadows around it without dog poo (which is a rarity) where you can chill. The flat is very nice, good for skating, biking or blading. No one will harass you for doing either of the two. During work days there is a shop for beers and stuff in very close proximity. The benches aren’t attached to the floor so you can arrange them whichever way you want! ;)

For those of you looking for a a bit more serious activities, Mimara is a very large museum holding a lot of stuff, from classical to modern art. If that isn’t enough for you, go and visit the Technical Museum (which is 7 minutes away), Arts and Crafts Museum (which is 2 minutes away) and Etnographic Museum (which is 2 minutes away). All of those are walking distances so if the weather is nice you will have a nice stroll through Savska Street that connects the mentioned museums.


Mimara – Rooseveltov trg 5
10000 Zagreb

Technical Museum – Tratinska 18, Zagreb

Arts and Crafts Museum – Trg maršala Tita 10, Zagreb

Etnographical Museum – Mažuranićev trg 14, Zagreb

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