Traffic Lights in My Photos


The traffic lights are signaling devices which are placed at the intersections of the streets, but also within your Lomographic cameras.

Credits: cohetesnaranjas

For this trick you need:

  • A piece of cardboard
  • black marker
  • sellotape
  • colored cellophane paper
  • punch
  • desire to have fun
The steps that you have to follow are:
  1. To paint a cardboard in black
  2. With the punch you have to make holes wherever you fancy
  3. With the papers of cellophane fill the holes using sellotape
  4. Once the mask is done, then the next step is to put the cardboard into the camera (as it’s shown in the picture)
  5. Then you have to take 36 pictures without thinking a lot since only a small circle will be seen on every picture.
  6. Once the 36 photos are taken, you have to relocate the spool in the camera again.
  7. Now you just have to wait for the results to surprise you!
Credits: cohetesnaranjas

written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-06-17 #gear #tutorials #traffic-light #tipster #tricks #top-tipster-techniques
translated by lori_an


  1. clownshoes
    clownshoes ·

    Fun double idea

  2. simon-hedge
    simon-hedge ·

    Smena 8m?

  3. dennislight
    dennislight ·

    Brilliant idea, I'm going to try that once

  4. lomoloque
    lomoloque ·

    Nice idea....i will try this idea....

  5. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    I wonder what camera you use to get the double sided effect~ =D

  6. neele
    neele ·

    Is sellotape just tape like skottstape? or some kind of special tape?

  7. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    @neele Yeah its the same thing. Sellotape is just a brand name.

  8. gittlob
    gittlob ·

    Thats a cool idea im going to give it ago also im thinking of doing it without the coloured pieces to see what happens!!!

  9. neele
    neele ·

    @thewretched thx!

  10. amyswift
    amyswift ·

    how do you relocate the spool? just wind it back in a darkroom and reload?

  11. thewretched
    thewretched ·

    Such a great idea, I'm going to be trying something very similar.

  12. shin-yi-huang
    shin-yi-huang ·

    Can I put the color-paper in the black without cardboard?

  13. bebellac97
    bebellac97 ·

    all of the cardboard must be black? or just one side?

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