Lomography and Skateistan: Analogue love for Afghanistan’s first skate school


In order to introduce kids at Skateistan, Afghanistan’s first skate school, to the wonderful world of analogue photography, we’ve donated nearly 40 cameras, film and books to the project. We’re hoping the donation will make a real, positive and lasting difference to the lives of Skateistan’s students and, judging by the first analogue photos, the cameras have already been a success! Read on for more information on this unique partnership.

When Skateistan, Afghanistan’s first skate school, was set up in 2007, the students took home disposable analogue cameras and really enjoyed producing intimate photos of the people and places in their lives. Now, with the donation of nearly 40 Lomography cameras to the school, the children can again enjoy the fun of analogue. The cameras donated include Fisheye No.2 cameras, Colorsplash cameras, Sprocket Rockets, Diana Minis and a Spinner 360° – They’ll be incorporated into both girls’ and boys’ photography classes and we’ve just received the first photos back, check them out!

With nearly 300 students aged between 5 and 17, Skateistan has emerged not just as Afghanistan’s first skateboarding school but as place where youths can come together and study English, Theatre, Journalism, Environmental health, Photography and other subjects in a safe and supportive environment. The school teaches both male and female students and encourages the Afghan youth to forge bonds that transcend social barriers so that they are enabled to affect change on issues which are important to them. The project has gained support from all over the world and Skateistan now has over 250 volunteers in 13 different countries assisting the school program in Afghanistan.

Jake Simkin, Skateistan’s multimedia instructor, commented on the Lomography support:

“Camera sponsorship will help benefit the kids as many don’t have access to a camera and this gives them the ability to photograph and share their lives and the surroundings in which they live. Lomography cameras are fun and interactive and the kids will enjoy coming up with interesting images for the public to see of Afghanistan and Skateistan”.

“I find it awesome to return to using film again because you’ve got to make the shots count. You’ve got no chance of being able to see what you are doing either, so it’s all a guess whether it will turn out right and be experimental enough”.

We’re really happy to positive impact Lomography is already having on the school and can’t wait to show you more photos from this unique partnership – We’ll also have Lomo Amigo interviews with people involved in the Skateistan project, so stay tuned!

Find out more on the Skateistan website

Go Skateboarding Day 2011

Go Skateboarding Day was on June 21st and the Skateistan students took to the streets of Kabul to celebrate in style! Below are some photos from the day – Please Note: These shots are digital but analogue snaps of the day are coming soon!

Some Photos from Skateistan on Go Skateboarding Day

Find out more about Go Skateboarding Day

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    Great Great Great. So wonna go to this place for some time now. Well done Lomography!

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    THANK YOU Lomography!! Look at these BEAUTIFUL Photos! You are making a difference in these childrens lives! Thank you for helping them and the staff.

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