LomoPaparazzi Second Edition Toronto Winner Announcement!


Meet the second LomoPaparazzi winner in Toronto Natalia Buia! See her shots from a night of getting up-close and personal with the Teenage Kicks. Keep on the look out for the next LomoPaparazzi courtesy of Exclaim Magazine Lomography Canada and Jo Vos of Vos Factory.

Hanging out at the Horseshoe is where I always want to be on a Friday night. This day in particular was extra special because it marked the end of my Broadcast Journalism studies at Humber College. I couldn’t wait to celebrate with all my friends and one of Toronto’s coolest bands, Teenage Kicks. Thanks to Exclaim Magazine, Jo Vos and Lomography Canada, I got to take photographic evidence of what a rad night April 29th was.

My lovely date happened to be the gentleman that is Matthew Angus of the Fast Romantics. Well, he is my date every day. I love having him out to these things and using him as my muse when given the Lomo LC-A+ camera. My friends and colleagues from Sticky Magazine were also in attendance but rather camera shy (boo!). Jo was generous enough to take shots of me and the boys of Teenage Kicks. I’ve been listening to their music for over a year now and I’m so thrilled their album is FINALLY out! I highly recommend it and I also recommend you follow them on twitter if you don’t already (@teenagekicksss). Every tweet makes me laugh so hard I almost cry.

When I took photos with the lomo camera, I used these colour gels that gave my shots a burst of vibrant colour. That was the best part about having a lomo camera! You can’t really do this with any other camera. My birthday is coming up this week and I know what’s on my birthday wish list… Thanks again, Lomography Canada!

You can also find more of Natalia Buia writing style at Sticky Magazine

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