Make Her Feel She's on Top of Your Life

Make this month the perfect time to show your mothers how their existence in your life is very much appreciated. Don’t just take her to a park and have a normal picnic. Take her to a place with a panoramic 360 degree view of the city! Enjoy and relax as both of you exchange stories of experiencing motherhood.

I got the chance to visit this newly-constructed tourist spot in Legazpi which offers the best view of the city, most especially, the Mayon Volcano. (Yes it has a perfect cone just like a mother’s love). It is the nearest landmark to go to upon arriving at the airport. It’s just a 10-min ride if you rent a cab just like what we did or by a tricycle but only up to the entrance. Then, at least 30-min is needed to walk and reach the top. This serves as an excuse for bonding with the family, don’t you think?

Lignon Hill (pronounced as Liñon or /li-NYON/) is where the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has a permanent station to observe Mayon. The hill stands at 511 feet tall, with a cinder-cone area which makes it the highest location in the city’s downtown area and towers over the Legazpi Airport.

It is best to go there in the morning if you want to see its perfect cone because in the afternoon, the clouds tend to cover the volcano. It is also good to go there during the late afternoons up to evenings so that you can see the sunset and the lights of Albay. You and your mom can actually have a picnic at the hilltop or buy food and eat at the restaurant while enjoying the breathtaking view.

But before eating, right before the sunset, if you’re mother is as adventurous as I picture, you can let her try the zipline with two options – the “superman” position and the normal sitting position. It costs only P250 or about $6 and an extra P50 or $2 for a printed picture of you sliding through the cables with the Mayon Volcano in the background. Perfect souvenir isn’t it? And the best thing is…the entrance here in Lignon Hills and Nature Park is free! Find the highest spot in your place and invite your mother for a date with a view that will surely last in her memory.

Check this links for more info about the place:

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