Quench Your Film


Was experimenting on a roll of 35mm, and soaked it in Coke and Vinegar…
Didn’t have to do this a dark room just left the roll in the Coke for about 10 minutes…
It shows up alot better on some photos than others…

Take your roll of 35mm film, and place it a cup of coke for 10 minutes (i’m sure other film will work but i used 35mm)…
Take out later, and then leave in a dry place, but idealy not in the sun because it might cook your film depending on where you are in the world. Take it to your lab, and look at the results! Here are some of mine…

Not sure why the landscape of London is slightly sepia, no photoshop, might have been the vinegar.

written by arthurfincham on 2011-05-15 #gear #tutorials #film #tipster #coke-cola-film-35mm-lomography-fisheye


  1. daforl
    daforl ·

    where are the pictures?

  2. mythguy9
    mythguy9 ·

    Yeah, can't really capture what you're saying without the pictures. By the way how long did it take to dry the film?

  3. awesomesther
    awesomesther ·

    how did u do it? put the roll which is inside the canister into the coke?
    and... how come the article was published w/o the proper photos etc being included??

  4. lighttomysoul
    lighttomysoul ·

    yeah, where are the pics, and did you wash off the coke later? I don't think I'd dare to do anything because of how sticky and sugary Coke is, I wouldn't want it to stick/leak in my camera.

  5. maxwellmaxen
    maxwellmaxen ·

    check his first album.
    not very big effect, but still quite brave to not wash it off afterwards..
    i'm with mika here.

  6. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    Vinegar and coke: the way to every womans heart

  7. fookshit
    fookshit ·

    fixed this, now the 2 shots are up! sorry about that.

  8. arthurfincham
    arthurfincham ·

    the pictures should be up...i soaked the film after taking the pictures, and i left it in a dry place (ideally not the sun) for about 24 hours

  9. arthurfincham
    arthurfincham ·

    oh and you leave the film in the canster when soaking and drying it

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