Holga 120 CFN with Kodak T-Max 400 Film

My hands-on experience w/ a Holga 120 CFN. I’m new here and so far I only have a Holga and I’m waiting for a Diana Mini in the mail.

So here’s the story. Someone said they would sell me their Diana Flash+ to fit on my Diana Mini. The only condition was if I took a Holga 120 CFN off their hands. It had a broken shutter, but all it took for me to fix it was a little hot glue gun.

I realized that the camera sells anywhere from $40 – $80 and I was very happy to know that I got it for free!

There was, however, one problem. I didn’t have 120 film, nor did I know of places that develop it or better yet, how to develop it myself. So I modified it into a 35mm by using rubber bands, paper (yes, paper), and tape. To my surprise, the camera worked very well and took good pictures!

It created some odd light leak that have sort of a texture to them. But it is very cool. I began experimenting with double exposures and the camera’s multi-colored flash.

So far, so good with my Holga 120 CFN (my first toy camera).

written by dminilover on 2011-08-17 #gear #black-and-white #review #400 #toy-camera #t-max #b-w #lomography #kodak #holga #film-camera #user-review

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