Quickie Tipster : Silhouettes for your Double!


This tipster is simple and most probably written before but just want to share with some of you guys who left me a message about how i go about using the silhouettes for my double exposures.

1. I used LC-A+ for this. And a slide film to cross-process to get the saturated colours.

2. Choose your subject. It can be a flower, your friend or anything! (in my case, a talented dancer).

3. When loading your film, take a digital picture of how you load your film, this is important when you want to refer to it when reloading the same film.

4. Shoot your subject against the bright sun to get your silhouette. Make her dance and moves her hair. You can also ask her to hold something like a cloth to create dramatic silhouettes.

5. Reload this film the same way by referring to your digital picture and shoot something at night with street lights or fireworks. City street lights works for me :)

Voilà! If you reload the same way, both day and night shots will fall on the same frame. And you’ll get your city lights on the dancer’s silhouettes!

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  2. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    Thanks guys for all the likes and Thanks stephan! :)

  3. maxwellmaxen
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    loved that album!

  4. nural
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    These were really nice doubles!

  5. gladys
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    nice nice nice=D

  6. willyboy
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    like this a lot - might have to try it!

  7. eva_eva
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    i'm loving silhouettes portraits, as well as doubles and needless me to say more, when it comes together....i'm in love :D love ur tipster and that album, lawyyy! ;D

  8. simonh82
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    Really great idea, very effective!

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  10. humeenquire
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    I am going to try this with my Sprocket Rocket

  11. lawypop
    lawypop ·

    I really didnt expect this but thanks EVERYONE so much for the liking this article :)

  12. renaishashin
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    Woohoo! Powerful tipster! :DDD

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    Awesome! Definitely gonna give this a try.

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    been waiting for someone to do a tipster on this!! thanks :)

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    so cool!!

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    awesome thank you

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    SWEEET! Cant wait to try this one out!

  20. nadinadu
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    suuuuper cool idea!!

  21. the_detourist
    the_detourist ·

    yeah the key here is reloading the film in EXACTLY the same spot so the second shoots fall directly on the frames.

  22. tukumoura
    tukumoura ·

    Nice tip! I love silhouettes, and never thought to make it with doubles! Just one thing: To make sure you will reload the film on the same spot theres a tip that I think is more effective: In another article, someone said to make a little mark on the film, near the sprockets, with a highlighter pen. =D

  23. bigphilly808
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    OOOOH! great tipster!!! havent had a chance to use my cameras in a while but this one makes me wanna go out & start shooting!! wooohooo!!!

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    123 people like this article :D :D yeaaaah bro!!

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    nice one! :))

  27. gregor-muller
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    just did pictures of some shapes. now i cant wait for nightfall! and waiting for the results will be even harder... great pictures you achieved with that. if mine turn out half as good i will be more than satisfied!

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    thanks for the great tipster !!

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    Great straight forward tipster

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    LOVe your article!!!

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    thank you for this super helpful tipster!

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    cool article!

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    lovely read! :D

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    thank you for very generously sharing your expertise on how to do this @lawypop! I just found it when I was trying to learn how to do it, this past week!

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