LomoPresspass Winner Reports on Day Three of the Alternative Arts & Fashion Week Toronto April 26-29


Josh Cawston, winner of LomoPresspass to the Toronto Arts & Fashion Week show us day three of the event! Josh is a 22 year old fashion and business shooting analogue for the first time! Getting more extravagant and even a slightly bit more avant-garde the festival really picked up steam in the final days! Thanks for shooting it for us Josh!

Photos by Josh Cawston

Day 3 of Alternative Fashion Week followed the trend of the previous two days by continuing to get more extravagant and even a slightly bit more avant-garde in terms of design and the collections shown. The show started off with an incredible collection by designer Rachel Sin with collaborator Garde Del Avante creating the jewellery pieces for it, large chunky necklaces and feather epaulets were heavily featured in the collection and really made the collection stand out as being different yet still very wearable for a night out or if you just “Dare to be different” which is one of the mottos of Garde Del Avante which is a breath of fresh air in our local fashion scene.

Other designers featured throughout the night were Breen (a collection of paper dresses), Haphazard (straight jacket and insane asylum influenced) as well as Saint Hollywood and Heidi Ackerman among others.

Photos by Josh Cawston

Moving from the runway to the stage, artist Jet Phynx dropped the lights and cranked the music putting on an incredible show. Having been called a pop/hip-hop/electronic artist Jet Phynx lived up to the hype of putting on an incredible live show, the music itself may not be for everyone and I’m a rocker and metal head to the end but I would still go see them play again because the energy and stage presence that was there is something more performers need to add to their shows. Going from the electronic hip-hop styling of Jet Phynx to the Female led rock band Crooked Valentine was a big change but an amazing one, as I said I’m a rocker through and through and hearing the opening riff of Bulls on Parade by Rage Against The Machine was enough to have me singing along in the crowd with the very charismatic singer.

Josh Cawston is a 22 year old (going on 23) Fashion Business student at Seneca College working towards creating a strong writing portfolio to hopefully one day be able to combine the two things he loves, writing and fashion.

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  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    awesome pictures and article!

  2. cawston
    cawston ·

    Thank you! You can tell with the day 3 and 4 photos I was used to the camera by then + I had a seat in the front row at the end of the runway on day 4 so the shots came out much better

  3. willyboy
    willyboy ·

    If I had a name like Jet Phynx...

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