Wunsche Bros. Cafe and Saloon

A long, long time ago, in a town far, far south was a saloon that everyone far and wide would make port on a stormy night. Before Houston met its oil rush and grew so rapidly, there was a town known as Camp Spring, where the saloon was located – and this is the story of that saloon.

In 1902, the Wunsche family built an old house to be a saloon and hotel for railroad workers. The Wunshe name has been attached to this house for more than 100 years, and is one of the many places I love about my hometown and miss on a daily basis. Today it is known for its amazing hamburgers, old south chicken fried steaks and of course, the beer bread.

Rumors have it that to this day, the upstairs and the kitchen are haunted by Old Man Wunsche and other railway workers or cowboys. It is also supposedly one of the places the infamous Bonnie and Clyde hit up back in their heyday.

If you ever stop by Houston, Texas, you absolutely must eat at this place. The best meal I ever had there includes beer bread for appetizer, chicken fried steak with green beans and mashed potatoes, and key lime pie for desert. Have this meal, and you’ll be on cloud nine/food heaven (also, bring a friend to get the hamburger so you can try out the best burger ever).

For more history on this place and Old Town Spring visit these links:

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