My First Lomo-Year

First of all, I’ll make things clear: it’s more than a year since I have lomo cameras but… it’s about 12 months since I’m a member of this community and… many things happened ever since!

mi first profile pic!

Yes, I had my Supersampler, Fisheye and Diana Mini and read international and spanish sites eagerly but I felt a bit embarrassed to upload my photos – when I met this lomo-world for the first time, with a cute supersampler, and started seeing photos and super-photos, taken with cameras I’d never heard talking about, reading about cross processing, masks or medium format, I felt slightly overwhelmed and decide to remain anonymous.

But one day, maybe because the pics I had been posting in Facebook for my friends were always liked and caused a lot of curious questions, I made my own lomohome. The site change from lomospain to was in course so I thought it was the perfect moment!

I had the biggest surprise when, after having posted a couple of albums, I went out for a walk and when I came back home I saw that I had some likes – I couldn’t believe it! I immediately cheered up, thanked all those likes and started uploading all the pics that I had stored in CDs, in fact, I was so happy that I even dared entering a couple of competitions…

… and I won one of the prizes of a competition in the Spanish site. I was wonderful!

my grandma and her sister, in the winner pic

From that moment on I became an active member in the community, I figured out how articles worked (I thought that they were written for lomography staff, not that we all made it) and during a family meeting I took a lot of pics to write my first location. The day that it was published I was a bit nervous, since I was afraid of knowing whether people would like it or not.

It was so fast ever since: I suddenly was photo of the day, few weeks later I was chosen home of the week, both of them in the spanish site (amazing!!), I made masks and tried tips I had read and wrote more articles, I dared with slide rolls… I even could participate, among great and famous lomographers, in an article that was published in a spanish newspaper, El País, this summer for what I was really honored.

I november, although having done a last-minute application, I attended my first lomo workshop: “expect the unexpected”, where I didn’t only had a great time, but I also met a lot of lomo-addicts like me (my friends and my boyfriend are not into lomography. Not yet…).

Besides, my camera collection has been growing (after the loss of my Supersampler and Diana Mini): I bought a Holga and its filter kit in october (first tries with medium format!) and my desired LC-A+ in december. I also won a Sprocket Rocket in the express Christmas competition and a Diana in the Wrangler competition, so I had to make a special room in my shelf for all of them, their accessories… and let the collection keep growing!

Last, what a better lomo-versary present than being the hostess and lomoconsul, together with @libelulasyyo, in a workshop in Zaragoza, where a lot of lomo-friends met to enjoy @pasqualecaprile's lessons and experiences in the city where we live and that we’re willing to repeat soon!

this photo was stolen from pasqualecaprile. I want to see mine!!

As a summary of this year I’ll say that I happy of everything that I’ve learnt, of how I dared experimenting and going further than conventional photography and above all, I met a lot of good lomographers and I shared with them photos and tips, so I just can say…

… Let’s lomo-celebrate!!

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