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I did photography for a wedding on the weekend and a loud roar followed by glasses clinking went out for toasting to the groom’s ‘Big East Coast Heart’ and if there is one thing that I can say that I love about the east coast, it would definitely be the people, but read on to find out what else everyone loves about the main place I’ve played in over in that fun place called the Maritimes, Halifax in Nova Scotia.

Donairs: the local cuisine’s must have item from the best pizza corner (the infamous intersection of Grafton and Blowers Street that features three different pizza outlets on three corners. The fourth corner is a church). Like all pizza places in the Maritimes, all the pizza places on pizza corner serve donairs — and donair burgers, donair subs and donair pizza. As the story goes, the donair craze began in Halifax in the 1970s. When Peter Gamoulakos came to Canada, he could not sell any Greek gyros. So he changed the lamb to beef, ditched the tzatziki and created a distinctive sweet sauce, and voila — the Halifax donair was born.

The Mooseheads: like all Canadian Nova Scotians love their hockey. They don’t have any major league teams, but Cole Harbor in Nova Scotia is where Sydney Crosby calls home. The Mooseheads are what the Haligonians have going for them and I’m told that ‘back in the day’ they were good, but hey, being from Australia, any ice hockey to me is good hockey.

Bagpipes: walking down Spring Garden Rd or any other Halifax street for that matter, it isn’t an uncommon sight to see someone wearing a kilt, and what goes better with a kilt than bagpipes? The Nova Scotia tattoo is a big event held in the summer which brings in visitors from all over the world. Nova Scotia does mean New Scotland after all.

Keiths: Alexander Keith brewed his way from Scotland to Canada and never looked back, the people of Halifax then liked him so much he was made Mayor and they must still have a thing for his legacy with it still being one of the most popular beers available.

Kitchen parties: no mention of Keiths would be complete in relation to the Maritimes without a mention of the good-old Kitchen Party. It is what it sounds like and I know that quite often, at parties around the world people tend to end up in the kitchen but these people mean it when they say they love a good kitchen party, modeling their dream homes around where about the kitchen will be.

Halifax Harbor: as the east coast rapper Classified tells ‘Halifax Harbour is like swimming in diseases’, it may be polluted as hell but it’s a lovely view across the pond, to the candy cane smoke stacks, looking out at George’s Island, across to Dartmouth or maybe you can’t see that far because of all the fog but a day out in Halifax wouldn’t be complete without a walk along the harbor front, maybe even turn your back to the water and look back to the Citadel.

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