Leaving Winter Behind: Out of Hibernation

I feel like i’ve been stuck in a never ending winter, with only the occasional sunny break. From the mild Australian winter of 2009 to the East coast Canadian winter of 2009-2010, to the ‘Summer’ spent mainly in England with overcast skies and forever wearing coats and then to a extremely long, snowiest winter on record in south central Canada. The furry hat has been put away but the winter coat remains. For now at least.

I come from a sunburnt country, a land of the average winter temperature of 13 degrees. I live in the great white north, where the freezing winds literally knock the wind out of you when you step foot out the door, where the snow creaks beneath you feet and the walk to work becomes a skate to work on the ice. Instead of heading south or north to follow the sun like the birds, I hibernate like the bears, only go out when it is absolutely necessary and wear so many layers that when spring comes people think i’ve lost weight due to the lack of layers. The winter has been long and I can’t wait til the day that I put away my winter coat for good.

I do love to be able to see the seasons at such extremes, spring brings the squirrels, the brilliant green grass and the bulbed flowers come in to bloom. A few weeks ago I couldn’t imagine going a day without wearing thermals, I’m hoping that in a few more weeks I won’t be able to imagine a day wearing them. Spring brings hope for the summer, summer loves, jobs, plans and travels all bring the city and it’s people out of hibernation.

Soon we will be able to hear the lawn mowers, smell the barbecues and see the squirrels play and before we know it, we will be digging out the gloves and hats to warm us again, although I will be trading in my bear like ways and following the birds and heading back home before the winter catches up with me again, for this one at least.

written by erinwoodgatesphotography on 2011-05-24 #lifestyle #winter #canada

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