Star Seafood Floating Restaurant, Hong Kong

How do you like to spend your holidays?

When I was younger, I hated having “Yum Cha” (morning tea) with my family. This is because going to “Yum Cha” meant: 1.Waking up early; 2.Boring; 3.Long hours; 4.Old folks (this is the key point).

Don’t get me wrong but isn’t that how everyone felt when they were young? At that time, I was forced to go “Yum Cha” however, as I aged, I got to spend less time with my family which caused me to treasure my “Yum Cha” time with them more. Sometimes, going to work after “Yum Cha” makes me feel more energetic! Going shopping with Mum after “Yum Cha” on a holiday also makes me feel happy. Actually, regardless of the day, being able to have “Yum Cha” with my family is always a joyous occasion!

Like I mentioned earlier, as one ages, time becomes a precious commodity so remember to spend time with people who are important in your life – your family members!

Although having to wake up early for “Yum Cha” is still a painful experience (at 6am, my dad will go for the first round of “Yum Cha” near my house, and go for his second round at Shatin when I wake up at around 8+am).

Star Seafood Floating Restaurant is a famous landmark during my childhood when it was known as Dunhuang Floating Restaurant. Decades ago, a boat shaped restaurant was quite something. In my opinion, it can spark the children’s curiosity while filling their stomachs at the same time. Later, it went through several management changes and evolved into the current Star Seafood Floating Restaurant. These changes didn’t affect the decoration and food quality though. The food still tastes as delicious, try it, you won’t regret it!

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