Diana 'Ready to Shoot' Flash Bag


The Diana Flash Bag: Essential or Overkill?

When I was given my Diana F+ camera, I immediately fell in love! Having received the Diana Deluxe Kit however, there wasn’t much else I could spoil her with.

I came across the Diana Camera and Flash bags later, but they weren’t initially “must buys” for me. Although very pretty, needing a case wasn’t something that had crossed my mind. However, when chance came for me to save 10% off, I decided to take the plunge and get the set!

Both bags are made from the same leather: very thick and strong!

The Diana flash fits snugly in it’s bag and even after a months usage, it’s still got a nice and tight fit. The flap does not have to be “locked” fully as it is held tight enough once tucked under the logo-ed strap.

There is a clip fitted at the back of the bag which allows you to attach it to other things. I personally attached it to my daily bag so that I can whip out the flash when needed without having to rummage about.

Just a quick summary of the pros and cons:

- Looks lovely
- Protects the flash
- Can store your colour gels
- Save space by attaching to other things

- Pricey
- Limited to dark brown colour
- Non-essential if you keep your flash on the camera
- If your normal bag is well organized, the Flash Bag might slow you down if you constantly take the flash off/on due to the snug fit
- So lovely you’d want something to protect this protector!

It’s actually pretty hard for me to come to a definite conclusion to my opening question. Prior to typing the cons, I assumed there was going to be much more (no idea why!)

It isn’t a life-changing accessory and I don’t think I would enjoy my Lomography experience less without it. The Diana camera and flash produces an iconic look so even if you’re out in on a sunny day, you may want to keep the flash on just for that look. If this is you, then the flash bag will be near useless to you.

However, the flash bag is undoubtedly pretty and adds some personality. If you just want to throw your flash about in your daily bag, then this might be a good option as it provides adequate protection. Remember—the flash is not cheap!

If you love to dress your camera up and spoil it, then this is something you may want to consider buying.

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  1. kadense
    kadense ·

    nice article! i contemplated getting the flash bag cos i was afraid that the glass bulb would get broken while in my bag. but i was assured by a shopowner that it's highly unlikely, so i went without it.

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