Trip Lomocollage: Tokyo.


The whole trip in one image! This is the first lomocollage I do. A way to put together all the photos of a trip in a single image and 100% analog!. I chose Tokyo as the theme of my collage and started to work. Here I explain what I did step by step.

- Photos printed (I printed 33 photos in size 10cmx15cm).
- Scissors.
- Cutter (for cutting more complicated and the smallest details.)
- A pencil (not used).
- A eraser (not used either).
- Cardboard (I chose gray, A4 size).
- Fabric gloves to prevent fingerprints on the photos (if you don’t have any, ask you butler if you could borrow his gloves :P.).
- Glue, white glue. (Don’t forget it!).

2.-Cut and cut and cut:
Cut the significant elements of the photos. Cut them “entire”, then, if they are too big, you can always cut them in half, select a smallest detail, amputate something or adjust the composition. Arm yourself with patience.

3 .- Do you remember the A4 cardboard?
Well, it has to be replaced by a large 50cmx70cm cardboard. Seeing all the figures I realized that they didn’t fit in A4. Furthermore, I didn’t just change the size, I changed the color as well, now I chose black..

4 .- Composition.
Once you have all your figures cut, start to test compositions. Here is where you “do” the collage. My first attempt was a little bit eyesore and nothing stood out, so I started over and came to a composition that I liked, with a pronounced diagonal line that helps a lot, elements that stand out and some other loose that decorate very well.

5 .- Glue everything.
Although it seems easy, when you paste the photos you have to be careful. Spread white glue very well to not protrude, so everything will be as clean as possible. I helped myself with a glue and for smaller areas with a toothpick. Think about what goes under, what goes up, which photo overlaps with others. Maybe one corner of a figure is below one and the other corner superimposed over another… what a mess! (in the photo I have no gloves, but then I put them on because if you don’t use them you may leave glue-fingerprints in the photos)

6 .- The work of art.
Everything is in its place. Make sure that you didn’t forget to paste any figure. Let it dry. The next morning the cardboard may be slightly wavy or curled, but don’t worry, put some books over it as a weight for a while. Then cut the cardboard to the size you want so the collage would be centered, and …:


It was a bit difficult to photograph the collage because of the brightness of the photos, but I hope you liked it.

If you want to see the “complete” photos of my trip to Tokyo, you can enjoy them ==here ==


PS: with all my love to Japan. My heart is with you.

written by susielomovitz on 2011-06-15 #gear #tutorials #tokyo #art #trip #tipster #collage #handcraft #lomocollage
translated by susielomovitz


  1. z
    z ·

    Very nice! I love the piece! Can't wait to try something like this.

  2. wuxiong
    wuxiong ·

    Great work susie. bravo...<:)

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