Burg Perchtoldsdorf


Its often hard to see the beauty in things you already know for all your life. For me one of those spots would be Perchtoldsdorf. A rather small market- town in lower Austria – just some minutes by bus from “the big city” – Vienna. Definitely worth a visit if you like wine as you can find many traditional wine- taverns all over the village. Perchtoldsdorf is a little dozen off – mainly wealthy housing area – and than there´s that tiny medieval center…

Ive already passed by that building uncountable times and never payed much of attention. It took an lc-a+ in between me and the castle to let me have a closer look…

Despite from the fact that it´s a 1000 year old historical sight, and the towns landmark my parents had their church wedding in St. Augustin chapel – belonging to the complex – making it also part of my family history. And there are some memories creeping out from the hidden corners of my brain: when I´m looking at the pictures of the castles back view – I start remembering being on the playground behind the castle with my grandmother, being fascinated by the illuminated ruin – just like nowadays.

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  1. azurblue
    azurblue ·

    Beautiful night shots !

  2. polt
    polt ·

    that's the place to be... love it - I guess we share some memories :-)

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