Lomography Color Negative (400asa,120/35mm): Versatile Color Negative Film!

If you want a versatile film that can be used in a wide range of film cameras and different lighting conditions, look no further. Lomography Color Negative ASA 400 is what you need.

I own quite a few film cameras such as Sprocket Rocket, LC-A, LC-A+, Split Cam, Fisheye 2, Spinner 360, FM2n, and a few other sunny day cams. One issue I often face is that I need to bring a few different types of films whenever I go shooting. This is because some cameras need higher speed film or the photos will turn out severely underexposed, as I had learned the hard way with Sprocket Rocket and Lomo Redscale XR.

My problem is somewhat resolved after I started using Lomography Color Negative 400. It is suitable for most of my film cams (I have yet try it on Spinner 360), having used it on my el cheapo free waterproof cam, Sprocket Rocket, Split Cam, LC-A/LC-A+, Nikon FM2n DSLR.

Lomography CN400 used in different cameras:

Waterproof cam:


Nikon FM2n SLR:

Sprocket Rocket:


Split Cam:

Fisheye 2:

What I like about this film is its vibrant colors, great dynamic range (no worries about over or under exposure), and affordability. It is a great value for money negative film, and if you want to minimize your film inventory, using Lomography CN 400 will great reduce the variety of films you need to buy. But of course, most Lomographers would want to try as many different types of films as possible so the above is a moot point.

If I have one gripe about this film, it will be the grains. The grains are quite coarse and somewhat obvious, even in properly exposed photos. However, there are some Lomographers who love grains in their photos so this is just my personal opinion and this in no way reduces my liking for this film.

Go grab one pack and try out today if you haven’t done so!

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