Meet The Toronto Lomography Pop-Up Collective for the CONTACT Photography Festival

The Toronto Lomography Pop-Up Collective is an alternative, self-trained, experimental group representing the social fabric of Toronto. Coming together for one month they pushed the limits of their creative practice supplied with film and cameras the Diana F+ and Lomo LC-A+. To respond to the Contact 2011 theme, their process included weekly workshops at the Lomography Gallery Store Toronto, individual experimentation and a renegade approach to imagining, committing to and executing a body of work.

  • Ben Young-Hart

Ben is an immersionist filmmaker who spends most of his time documenting homeless culture in the Don Valley or training with the super heroes at Eagle Hapkido. When he’s not making movies, Ben can be found playing basketball at the church or hustling suckers for quarters at Connect Four. If you’ve never met him before, Ben is your new best friend.

  • Nadia Alam

I am an ageless Muslim/Bangladeshi/woman employed by the surprises of life. Looking through the images i’ve taken, I want you to help me discover the answer to this question: How can we prioritize the importance of accurately documenting the exploration of our multi-layered identities in the Canadian context?

  • Elaisha Stokes

Elaisha Stokes is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Toronto. She has exhibited in Canada and the United States.

  • Kate Fraser

Kate Fraser is an often reluctant photographer who is wedded to the camera she grew up with (Olympus OMII). And, although she spends most of her time telling other people that they should be artists, Kate shoots tender moments and wicked places.

  • Alpha Abebe

Alpha Abebe is a social advocate, aspiring academic and emerging photographer in the city of Toronto. Visual arts have been a personal creative outlet for Alpha since she was a child, but photography has provided her with an opportunity to express herself creatively to the world. Armed with this expressive tool, she has embarked upon a mission to find and capture beauty in the mundane and tell the stories of people and communities encountered along her walk in life.

To see more of Alpha’s work visit:

  • Yannick Anton

Yannick Anton shoots performances, parties, and people. Focusing on moments, and using both film and digital, the camera is his tool to communicate what he sees with others.

  • Taiwo Bah

If there’s themes that Taiwo Bah lives within, it’s gotta be play, discovery, and exploration. Having picked up the camera in ‘06, Tai discovered it’s ability to open people up and share their stories with him. A long while after that, he taught himself how to shoot. Today, Tai shares his knowledge and love of photography with an emerging cohort of young documenters.

  • Nabil Shash

My name is Nabil Shash. I am a 26 year old Ethiopian, Canadian, American, immigrant with a citizenship, Black, Young, Muslim man. I love People. I work with my Community. I enjoy conversation and laughter. I believe in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. I am driven by the pursuit of ones passion. I think mistakes, experiences, and learning go hand in hand. I incorporate all of this and Love into my photographs.

  • Gaby Cueto

Gaby Cueto is a documentary photographer based in Toronto. She is now working on her brand new project called On Q Photography, entirely dedicated to share images of the Queer Community. She shoots weddings, portraits, and all the important events that concern the LGBTQ people.


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