Grit over Glamour

My other post titled Paris When It Sizzles is about upcoming movies that can inspire travel photography. But today, let festival-screened and soon to be released movies inspire you to take the leap from glamourous Paris to movies that could have just been shot in your backyard.

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You won’t see the cute and polished Joseph Gordon-Levitt of (500) Days of Summer and Inception here. Instead, he plays Hesher, an outsider who begins to live in the garage of a troubled family composed of TJ, his druggie dad, and his grandmother. He might be uninvited, but somehow he manages to blend.

Tip: Why don’t you turn your garage into an analogue photography studio? You can paint the Eiffel tower if you want. You’ll have all the freedom.

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Everything Must Go

It’s not stranger than fiction that when Nick Halsey (Will Ferrell) loses his job, his wife leaves him. So he succumbs to alcoholism and salvages his livelihood by selling his possessions. Thing is, he sold them in his front lawn with neighbors Hall and Wallace. Before I forget, bonus points for having Rebecca Hall and Notorious B.I.G.’s son in the film.

Tip: One of these days, try turning your photos into cards or selling them to shirt companies. Who knows? Shit happens but luck happens too.


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Word is—this movie’s got great cinematography and that director Anthony Burns employs some John Hughes tricks. That’s not surprising because the plot unfolds in Texas in 1983. Nineteen-year-old skating rink manager Ritchie Wheeler is used to frolicking with friends until he encounters a tragedy that will make him decide on what he really wants to do in the future.

Tip: Action photography is fun. Go meet your neighborhood’s skaters and bikers. Travel and shoot. Tomorrow might come too soon.

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