It's the Sprocket Rocket!


Being a Lomography/analogue newbie, when I first saw the Sprocket Rocket, my opinions of it weren’t great, in fact I think I called it a ‘long plastic monster’!

I didn’t think it was pretty, I like things small and compact and cute. However there was still a part of me that wanted to give it a go and see results that had little holes at the top of bottom of the picture (which are now called sprockets!)

When a workshop came up at the Lomography Gallery Soho Store in London, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up. Having seen many people’s pictures I really wanted to get my hands on this ‘monster’. So off I went in the heart of London, on a nice April day. It was first loaded with a Lomography CN 400 film, I normally use slide film only because I like the saturation of colours so I was a bit apprehensive at first. After that I loaded it with the Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 (second lot of photos)

On a 36 exposure film, you can normally get between 18 to 20 shots, after all this is a panoramic camera. I was told to pay more attention to the white dot counter rather than the number counter and that is a tip that I would definitely recommend as I did manage to get 20 shots out of the roll, and didn’t lose any when I got them developed.

Another good thing is thing with the Sprocket Rocket is that you can rewind or move forward at any time. If you’re like me, sometimes I get a bit carried away when winding my film when the camera doesn’t tell you to stop. So on this occasion if happened once with me, I was winding and then I thought did I actually shoot picture 11, so at the end of the roll, I wound back and took the picture below, which meant I didn’t have to waste a picture (has happened many times on the Diana!).

One last beauty to this ‘monster’ is that you can take multiple exposures, horizontally, vertically and even upside down.

With so many good attributes, I have definitely fallen in love with this ‘monster’, although not the cutest, definitely one of the cleverest cameras out there, I can’t wait to get my hands on my own one now.

written by juliet1688 on 2011-06-02 #gear #plastic #35mm #review #panoramic #sprockets #london #lomography #film-camera #user-review #sprocket-rocket


  1. danmeakin
    danmeakin ·

    Nice article! I really like the long exposure from the underground and I love the 'flipped' double exposures they're awesome!

  2. emotionalcynic
    emotionalcynic ·

    I got to use one at the LomoRoadshow in Brighton recently and completely fell in love with the Sprocket Rocket. So much so that I'm waiting for the delivery of mine right now! Excellent review, excellent camera

  3. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Cool photos. Picking up my first couple rolls with my new sproket rocket today. Can't wait.

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