The Newcomer’s Guidebook

Firstly, a very warm welcome to the Lomography website! This guide will take you through all the great things you can do here – From setting up your LomoHome to learning about Piggy Points and participating in Lomography Competitions, you’ll find all kinds of useful information to help you at the start of your analogue adventure.

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For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume you’ve already registered as a member of the community – If you haven’t joined yet, register now! It’s free, you can upload as many photos as you like and do all the other things you’ll read about below too!

Your LomoHome

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have your own LomoHome – Your LomoHome is your hub of Lomographic activity; it’s the place where you can view all your photos, write a blog entry, make friends and build LomoWalls – When signed-in, you can view your LomoHome anytime by just clicking on the ‘You’ tab in the Homes section.

Editing Information In Your LomoHome

Personalize your LomoHome by uploading a picture to use as your Avatar on the website, writing a little biographical information about yourself and editing information about your date of birth and where you live. You can do all these things on the ‘Edit’ page of your profile ( And if you ever want to change your password, you can do this on the Account Settings page.

Making Friends

The Lomography community is one big family dedicated to analogue love – There are tons of great people to meet and share ideas with. Love someone’s photos, like reading their blog posts and articles? Add them as a friend and get chatting! To make a friend, all you need to do is click on the ‘follow’ tab on the user’s LomoHome – If the other user chooses to ‘follow’ you too, then you’ve made a friend – Simple!

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The Lab – Uploading and organizing your Photos

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with your lovely new LomoHome, it’s time to upload some photos to show off to the Lomography community! You upload photos in the Lab – Once uploaded, you can submit photos to competitions, add them to your blog posts and also add them to any articles you write for the magazine!

Find out more about how the Lab works in our FAQ section

Building LomoWalls

Once you’ve uploaded some photos, show off your creative talents by building a LomoWall – Making LomoWalls allows you to show off your photos in a completely unique and lomographic way.

Watch a video on how to build a LomoWall on our Youtube page.

Credits: elindudut

“What the hell are Piggy Points?”

Piggy Points are store credit that can be spent in the Lomography Online Shop and each Piggy is equivalent to 1 Euro/USD/GBP! There are loads of ways to earn Piggies but one thing to remember is that they don’t last forever; each one has an expiry date, so use them before you lose them! To see how many Piggies you have at the moment, just click on the ‘See Piggies’ tab when you signed-in.

Find out more about Piggy Points in our FAQ section.

Writing Articles

A great way to earn Piggy Points is by writing articles for the Lomography Magazine. If you are interested in writing an article, the first thing to decide is what kind of article you’d like to submit – Would you like to write a Review about a camera or film, a Tipster on how to get cool effects, an article about a good photographic Location you’ve been too, a News article relating to analogue photography or maybe an article for our Analogue Lifestyle section? Once you’ve decided what kind of article to write, read our submission guidelines, view our requested posts and write away!

Entering Lomography Competitions

So you’ve uploaded some photos, made some lomographic friends and written some articles for the Lomography magazine – Now it’s time to win yourself some prizes!!! Winning Lomography competitions (or ‘Rumbles’ as we like to call them) is a great way to earn Piggy Points to spend in the Lomography Online Shop.

How to submit a photo to a Lomography competition

Credits: eva_eva

Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards are earned by reaching new heights of photographic excellence – The more active you are in the Lomography Community, the more awards you’ll get, simple as that! So upload photos, make comments and likes and watch as the Awards page of your LomoHome is filled with lovely trophies!

Still got a question? Read our FAQs or post a comment in the box below!

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